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Photo Of Our Pot Products & Table of Description:

This is the terracotta garden flower pots being sold by the company.The models are PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 & PS5.The flower pots come with white stripes like the one in this picture or just plain without any white lines.

PS 1 has a height of 29.5 cm, top diameter of 40cm, bottom diameter of 22cm & weighs 7.5kg

PS 2 has a height of 24.5 cm, top diameter of 30cm, bottom diameter of 16.5cm & weighs 4.7kg

PS 3 has a height of 18.5 cm, top diameter of 24cm, bottom diameter of 13cm & weighs 2.7kg

PS 4 has a height of 15cm, top diameter of 18cm, bottom diameter of 10.5cm & weighs 1.3kg

PS 5 has a height of 11.5 cm, top diameter of 14cm, bottom diameter of 7.5cm & weighs 0.6kg
Italian design pots are PI2 & PI3

PI2 has a height of 25cm,top diameter of 34.5cm, bottom diameter of 18cm and a weight of 5.3kg

PI3 has a height of 19.5cm,top diameter of 27cm, bottom diameter of 14.5cm and a weight of 3.3kg
Squat/Short pot is the PSQ3. This flower pots again comes in plain terracotta or with stripes.
Plates for flower pots consist of PSP3 & PSP4

Authentic Terracotta Pots PS 1 - PS 5 (i.e. with/without stripes)

Italian Design Terracotta Pots (with/without stripes)

Squat/Short Terracotta Pots (with/without stripes)

Plates for Pots